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2019 Mr. Stroker

Greg Burris was awarded 2019 Mr. Stroker on Saturday, September 21nd at Wyncote Golf Course. Greg was also victorious in winning the Low Net Average (2019 season) Lee Elder award. 
On behalf of the Strokers Golf Club of Philadelphia we would like to congratulate Greg on this prestigious honor and exceptional level of play this season.

Year-End Tournament Leaders/Winners

2019 Mr. Stroker:

Greg Burris


2019 Tiger Woods Award - Low Gross Average:

Ted Pendergrass


2019 Lee Elders Award - Low Net Average:

Greg Burris


2019 Charlie Sifford Award - Most Improved Player:

Claude Knight


2019 Iron Man awards:

Jeffrey King

Mike Roepel

Keith Bush


2019 Rookie of the Year

Rodney Beatty


2019 Low Round:

Teddy Pendergrass   

2019 Flight Winners

Skippack Golf Course:

A:   Teddy Pendergrass     

B:    Gene Little

C:    Marvin Moore


Lederach Golf Course:

 A:   Teddy Pendergrass            

 B:   Keith Bush

 C:   Brian Weddington


Hickory Valley Presidential Course:

A:    Teddy Pendergrass           

B:    Keith Bush            

C:    Randy Brock


Pincrest Country Club:

 A:   Al Quarles        

 B:   Gene Little

 C:   Randy Brock


Broad Run Golf Course:

 A:   Chris Miller      

 B:   Keith Bush

 C:   Randy Brock


Raven's Claw Golf Club:

A:   Brandy Atkins

B:   Gene Little

C:   Brian Weddington


Ramblewood Golf Course:

 A:   Oris Stuart

 B:   Vere Archibald

 C:   Marvin Moore


Town & Country Golf Course:

 A:   Dave Thomas

 B:   Gene Little

 C:   Randy Brock


Spring Hollow Golf Course:

A:   Greg Burris

B:   Ed Edwards

C:   Kevin Elzie


Linfield National Golf Course:

 A:   Teddy Pendergrass

 B:   Eric Tingle

 C:   Randy Brock


Wyncote Golf Course:

 A:   Oris Stuart

 B:   Gene Little

 C:   Damien Jackson


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