Strokers Golf Club of Philadelphia
Strokers Golf Club of Philadelphia

Rules & Guidelines

1. Gimmie putts inside the grip provided all playing partners agree.


2. Maximum score per hole:

6 on par 3's

8 on par 4's

10 on par 5's




3. Putt out when the ball is within 3 feet.


4. Never drop closer to the hole.


5. Play the ball down & where it lies.


6. A lost ball is assessed a 1 stroke penalty. Player must play another ball from the original location or take a 2 stroke penalty and play the ball from the area that it was lost.


7. Similar to lost balls, OB balls should be played from the original spot. Only two OB balls shall be hit from the tee. Player must drop from the area of the second OB ball and taking an extra penalty stroke hit 6.


8. Immediately hit a provisional shot if you think your ball may be lost, versus looking for the ball first.



  • Keep an extra ball with you at all times
  • Carry extra clubs with you
  • Limit the search for lost balls to 1-2 minutes, other players should continue to play
  • Line up your putt while awaiting you turn
  • Be ready to hit your next shot
  • Limit your pratice swings & pratice routine


10. Please set cell phones to vibrate or off


11. Respect your fellow players & the Game


12. Maximum handicap for Mr. Stroker cup points shall be 30 


Rules of Golf - USGA

Click here for the USGA - Rules of Golf


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